Our Story

“teaching foreign languages” for 50 years

Our founder, the late Georgios Xanthakis, was a member of the London Institute of Linguists. He had a pioneering knowledge of linguistics for the time and also had a rich back catalogue of literary work. From the day the school started in 1974, he worked there to sure it was built on solid foundations and became a leading figure in the foreign language education sector. With almost half a century of experience, our language centre continues to move onwards and upwards and, of course, we always adjust to meet the constantly changing needs of each new era.

Every year, our high success rates justify our efforts - and your efforts!
Our principles are:
  • Dedication to our educational work.
  • Hard work and enthusiasm so we can achieve our goals.
  • Honesty in our relationships with parents and students.
  • Providing ongoing information on our students’ progress.
  • Ensuring we respect each student’s individual personality and sensitivities.
  • Continuous training for all our teaching staff in modern teaching methods.

Choose Xanthakis School of Foreign Languages, in Heraklion, Crete, and make a date with success!