Teaching Methods

At Xanthakis School of Foreign Languages in Heraklion, Crete, we use the most up-to-date teaching methods, always in accordance with the advice of university bodies.

We support our students and encourage them in their efforts!


We place special emphasis on consolidation of curriculum material in each course. It is important for children to consolidate their learning so that they can move on to the new teaching material without having any gaps in their learning.

PROJECTS (Creative task-based learning)

We encourage our students of all levels to create projects and present them in front of an audience. This means they reap all the benefits of creative task-based learning and more: The students research and gather information, collaborate with their classmates and also develop their critical thinking skills as they make decisions about what material to include.


We use videos and educational programmes produced by English language channels such as BBC etc. to familiarise students with the foreign language they are learning. This also helps them to acquire encyclopaedic knowledge through CLIL units (Content and Language Integrated Learning).


We have a specially designed area without desks for our younger Junior students where the kinaesthetic method of learning is applied: the children practice the foreign language while they are on the move, using all their senses (touch, sight, hearing and taste), and having fun at the same time!!!


Right from Junior class, our children come into contact with foreign language literature or fairy tale books from carefully selected publishing houses. We use a variety of creative and original ways to "entice" our students to read a large number of books. Of course, an undertaking like this needs to be rewarded with a lot of presents!!!
Our educational programme is always based on current scientific research into education and makes it easier for students to learn and assimilate the curriculum effectively. With the right guidance and our alternative and pioneering teaching methods, children consolidate the material they have learnt in the classroom and are given appropriate guidance about studying at home to give them further practice in mastering the foreign language.

Choose Xanthakis School of Foreign Languages, in Heraklion, Crete, and make a date with success!